Our Story

Crepe Crazy began with Inna's insatiable appetite for her late mother-in-law's crepes. It was their family's tradition as much as was their European culture. She met her husband through mutual friends in Kiev, Ukraine, the sparks flew, and the rest was history. They crossed the Atlantic ocean to New York City. They ventured in one American Dream after another and even tried a pyramid scheme!

Now, there is no need to tell you how that turned out. During their hunt for the Dream their mother's crepes were always praised by friends and they were asked to host crepe parties!

That was the birth of Crepe Crazy!

As luck would have it, Austin is truly a city that is known for its diversity and warmth, and their crepes were loved by everyone. They started with a small cart in downtown and have been expanding every year.

They have catered numerous events and festivals in central Texas.

You might have caught a taste at: Reggae Fest, Keep Austin Weird, SXSW, Fall Old Pecan Street Festival, Art City Festival and many others.

They are building a funky and unique catering van just for you. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it as it cruises about town. You can track it down by following them on Twitter as Crepe Crazy will be listed with all planned stops. You can also order with them to have piping hot meals delivered right to your door, and to your business.

No order is too large and you can have them cater for you at your next milestone event. Razzle-dazzle your guests with Crepe Crazy's one-of-a-kind, hearty, gourmet crepes and more. They are Crepe Crazy for you!

The Crepe Crazy Facebook page lists all the previous and upcoming events. Please join them to get the latest news!

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